Self love before love of others

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Entry 13 – Self love before love of others

There are many people who do not love themselves, who cannot love themselves. It is always astonishing to see how many on the so-called spiritual path suffer from this deficit.

There are many others, too, who do not even have the word spiritual as part of their dictionaries, who profess to love others, partners, friends, children and the like, when they in fact do not love themselves either.

My concern is that I do not think it possible to love another without first loving oneself. Teachers in this field reiterate this concept all the time but they never really say how you can do this. I have found a way that works for me and has worked for everyone who has told me that they tried it.

But let’s first look at why self love is even an issue.

Self love only becomes difficult when we see ourselves with the eyes of our conscious minds. We look at everything that we consider wrong with our attitudes, thoughts, behaviour, our weight, our hair, our looks, etc. As if that were not bad enough, we have society telling us all the same things, and more, by setting parameters for what is good, bad, acceptable, forgivable and whatnot. All of these things then become the scale by which we judge ourselves and we almost always fail the test.

For the time being, we will leave aside the fact that judgement in itself is a part of the problem.

My solution is quite simple.

When I look at myself from the vantage point of my Soul, of Godhead, when I am in Spirit, my perspective changes. From this place, standing outside of myself, what I see is wondrous. I see all of me. I am evidently seeing me through the eyes of the Divine and what I see is my Soul – a luminous white being that holds within it my body, my mind, all of me. It is a beautiful picture that always leaves me amazed and wondrous of the beauty of this creature that I am.

I do not see excess pounds, I do not see frustration, I do not see any of the things my conscious mind sees. I see only a beautiful, majestic being that I cannot but love.

The trick is to carry this image with you at all times, get used to seeing it in meditation so that whenever anything comes at you, you can remind yourself of who you truly are. And, who you truly are, is a being that is worthy only of love.

The next step is to see every form of creation in the same way, because everything created by the Divine looks the same when you are in Spirit and you see it from this place.

So then the next part, loving others, becomes easy. But more importantly, it becomes possible.

Dear Diary, My Soul Speaks

A Return To Consciousness…

A Return to Godhead…

Allison Patricia Long

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