Is there a relationship of relevance between the Soul and the Conscious Mind? And if so , what is it?

In my belief and in my experience there is. And it is of great importance.

When our Souls create the being we are, the Conscious Mind is part of what It creates. Like every other part of us, it has a purpose. It was not created by chance and it wasn’t created simply to exist. It has a role to play in the Soul’s plan. And a role that is far more important than many of us seem to recognise.

As usual, of course, we start with the premise that our Souls were responsible for the creation of our bodies, our minds and everything that we are. Everything that we recognise as ‘ourselves’. That there is a reason for the creation of this complex being, is also taken for granted. Then what is our Conscious Mind’s role in this this equation? How often have we stopped to think of what this might be?

People always ask me why I say it’s important to take all of me along when I’m meditating. I am not a person who tries to negate my Conscious Mind in this setting. I have trained it to be quiet until its services are required. That is a rather different thing. What it does for me in this process, is translate the impulses of my Soul into a language and images that I can use in the material world I live in.

For the sake of simplicity let’s equate our Conscious Mind and our Soul with the Left and Right brain respectively.

We have all heard to the giants of physics music, literature – to name a few disciplines – who have said that they saw and or heard their achievements in almost complete form in a dream or a vision. That is what the Soul does. It send us impulses via the right brain but these need to be translated into usable information, language, images and the like, so that we can implement the instructions and create whatever it is we are meant to do with the impulses. The left brain does that – it is my translator in this situation. It works in concert with my right brain to ensure it receives and properly translates the impulses into actionable information.

In other words, when my Soul gives an impulse, my Conscious Mind translates that into something workable that I can implement.

Imagine you are looking at a painting or listing to a song and you ‘feel’, ‘see’, ‘hear’ a message in it. That is your left brain interpreting what your right brain has noted. And in the same way that an ambassador, say, would have a favourite interpreter, one who s/he has developed a relationship with, one who understands the way s/he thinks and would always try to have that person on call for a speech, so your Conscious Mind, when it forms a deeper relationship with your Soul, becomes the favourite interpreter.

Many people today are unable to even recognise the impulse sent by their Souls or they interpret them as dreams and not pieces of information that need to be translated to understand the message contained within.
Many others do not have the presence or mind or ability to exercise the Conscious Mind to do this. And others still are so busy with all the other activities that life requires that we use our Conscious Minds to manage, they have no space spare.

So even when the message becomes so urgent that our Souls can’t wait for meditation or even a dream or a vision to send the impulses, they still miss the message because their Conscious Minds are too occupied.

They have forgotten the basic and fundamental role of the Conscious Mind – that of interpreting the messages of the Soul and instead have it filled with the latest device, the latest movie, or scandal. There is always something more pressing. All these other things (and they are but distractions) serve only to keep that separation in place.

Start instead to train your Conscious Mind to perform its main role – train it to translate the impulses, the messages, from your Soul.

Allison P Long

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