I started being aware of myself, as more than mere eyes can see, since early childhood. Back then, the word ‘portal’ in the sense it is used today in new age circles, was not known. However, not only was the word unknown, so, in fact, was the approach to them that prevails today.
The concept of portals, if you want to use that word, was used to describe entry to areas of one’s own inner space that were there to be explored. As one of my spiritual teachers explained, part of becoming a master is being able to open these doors within yourself, to learn all the secrets your Soul has to teach. Or, as I said in my book, to discover and open all the secret and hidden compartments in the ‘rucksack’ with which we enter each life. We were all aware of external spaces, influences and powers, but they were only to be approached if the person was specifically called to do so, in which case they would first be initiated into the practices that made this safely possible.

Few people discussed going outside. It was not so much about opening portals in the universe through which new knowledge, wisdom or powers would come to us or the earth. It was about going within to explore. During prayer, meditation, ‘mourning’ or any of the other initiations I underwent with my spiritual teachers, the purpose was always to find the divine creator, inside – find my Soul and so find Godhead. In these processes we would discover the knowledge, wisdom or powers we had brought with us to fulfil our life purpose.
Having done this, there were some who were given the ability to safely access external spaces because that was what their life purpose entailed. Having completed the necessary initiation they would do this and safely filter the energies that the rest of humanity or their group needed.

Other than these fairly rare occurrences, accessing external spiritual influences was suspect. Anything that we did not find, learn, accomplish through contact with the Self inside, was suspect. The idea was that everything I needed was already there, just waiting for me to connect with it.
There are many things in the world and many others projecting from other parts of the universe that may seem attractive and exciting – but how do we know they are safe. I know however, that my Soul is within me, therefore Godhead is within me and whatever I find there is to be treasured and the doors can be opened in safety.

In addition, we knew that our Souls had access to all knowledge of Godhead and creation and so would provide us with all the insight, knowledge and wisdom that our conscious selves needed to navigate this experience of each incarnation.
Furthermore, the journeys I could take inside were so numerous and so exacting and always so different, when would I have time for anything else. I would leave this existence before I was able to explore and learn all that was within me.
There was no time for seeking to explore the universe. How many of us know other towns, cities, counties better than we do our own and have to wait for visitors to inform us about all we are missing in our own home town. Because we are so busy travelling and seeing other things that we miss what is right front of us every day.

As above so below.

The other very practical aspect of this is of course, that we have no idea what we are inviting into our worlds when we blindly open portals.

Yes, there are shamans and spiritual travellers in many traditions who speak of their travels as something they do outside of themselves. Sometimes we misunderstand what they are speaking of because there is no understanding of that inner world. Sometimes however, they are travelling outside of themselves but we have to remember that these are trained and experienced travellers. They know how to remain safe on their journeys and will have guides who can keep them safe.
They know when to leave something be because they cannot control it. They know how to extricate themselves from difficult situations. They and their guides also know which doors should be opened and which left closed. Furthermore, these journeys are usually not exercises in random exploration. These travellers are taken, by their guides, to where they need to be, to access what they need to access.

Many people today want to access these realms without the need for the training, wisdom and guidance/protection. The excuse is that the energy is changing so we all have access to the same things. We may do, but a fire will still cause chaos when not tended and in the hand of an infant, whether you have to rub sticks to build it or you use a lighter. Having easier access does not make us any more ready unless we know what we are doing.

There is another point here worth considering. Many of the beings trying to access our grid have been allowed to come closer than ever before and sometimes, through our own practices, we have invited them to be our guides to other realms. The fact that these things are becoming more accessible may not always be due to an energy upgrade. Sometimes they are simply due to our own mistaken will and actions.

Finally, it is incredible, and should cause us to be suspicious, that whereas we started off with one or perhaps 2 portals a year, nowadays we have portals opening up every month. What’s that all about? And why do we participate?
We can say that we’re not doing any real harm but are we sure? When we are talking about negative energies, one of the basic and fixed rules is that we have to invite them in and this is what people do when they work with portals – they actively meditate and focus their energies with the intent of opening these doors. If they were meant to be opened would the efforts of us meagre humans be required? If these energies were able to enter our space without our permission, would we need to undergo these processes? How many of you remember the angels running around some years back – it started here in Germany – that required a ritual and an open window to enter your home? Why was this necessary? Wouldn’t an angel be able to enter unlocked doors and unopened windows?
There are many negative energies in our space today and many of them are incredibly powerful. If people were to see their influence on a spirit level, they would not be unconcerned about doing harm. Even when they do not harm you directly or immediately or you are not immediately aware of the effects of the presence, they are harming others. Many people are under attack today from unseen forces. They do not always show this by shooting up schools or planting bombs but they often show it in much more subtle ways.

We need to become more vigilant when it comes to our spiritual practices and, even more importantly, we need to apply common sense.

Remember, a Portal is just a fancy word for a Door. Leave the job of opening them to those who are called by spirit to do so and who have been trained to do so. You would call a qualified locksmith if you lost your keys, you wouldn’t fiddle with the lock yourself.

As Above, So Below.

Allison Long- Your Soul Speaks

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