I have read and studied mine. It goes like this

‘I am not here to save the world.

Nor am I here to awaken humanity.

My job description states that I am here to remind those who are, that this is their purpose and to do my part to clear the things standing in their way, so that they can continue on their path to fulfilling their life purpose, should they so wish.’

Sometimes, a gentle reminder is all that is required.

Sometimes a nudge,

Sometimes a fillip.

That is my job description! What is yours?

Too many of us are blindly stumbling around moving from one spiritual fad to the next, expecting some great Enlightenment. We do courses and gain or give ourselves titles that have no real meaning. It feels good though because we then belong to a special group of the chosen few. We learn skills in ‘modalities’ and receive ‘initiations’ – mistakenly assuming that the latter is even something that can be given, rather than earned. We allow ourselves to become like drones, expecting that there is someone coming to save us or take us to this new level. We believe that the next latest method will finally do the trick and that will be it. We will be awakened and enlightened and that will be that. Which dimension is it now? 7th, 10th ? I’ve lost count.

Many seem to believe that this is the point of being here. But is it? You are supposedly ‘a spiritual being having a physical experience’. If that is so, then surely, this spiritual being does not need to come here to ascend. Been there, done that. If It is here to have a physical experience, it means that It is here to do something and in so doing have an experience.

So, what is It here to do?

It is time perhaps, having done the many courses and read the articles and books, to find out what this spiritual being entered, or, as I believe, created this body/mind to do. Why is It here? It is already enlightened, so that can’t be the reason.

We need to start communicating with It so we can find out. Hopefully, the many courses and article, books etc. will help us to do this. If not, then even that was a wasted investment. When we do get this interaction going, we will find that It came prepared with everything we need to fulfill the purpose It set out to fulfill.

Take note: Nobody and nothing ‘out there’ is going to magically do what we came here to do on our behalf. Furthermore, the credentials we earn through what we learn will not substitute for the action we are meant to take. Just as a degree in Math is of no use if you are meant to be a Social Worker, a certificate in any modality you can name will be of no use if you are meant to heal through painting. And make no mistake, in each case, the purpose/mission is always about healing.

This means that many of us have been wasting our time for a while now. Is that how we plan to continue or are we finally willing to get off the merry-go-round and take responsibility for our mission here?

Be wary of promises designed to keep you searching (for awakening, for enlightenment, for salvation, for ascension and the like), for things sometimes unnecessary, sometimes non-existent, and often in the wrong places. The spiritual being that brought you here, that created you, is not somewhere having coffee or with It’s feet

up waiting for you to ascend to where It is or to learn enough to be worthy of It’s attention. It is within you, patiently waiting for you to pick up the internal line and ask what It needs, what It wants to do and how It wants it done.

It is time we stop allowing ourselves to be distracted.

It is time to wake up from this dream state.

It is time to start understanding who, or rather, what we are.

It is time to start taking responsibility.

It is time we find out why we are here – determine our mission – and get on with the job.

We spend so much time learning and not doing, not properly applying what we have learned. Instead, we just go on to the next thing that seems interesting. Perhaps what we are learning is relevant to fulfilling our purpose and we are being guided. But unless we check in and find out what that purpose is, how can we be sure?

Get a hold of your job description and stay focused on it. If you’re not doing your job, nobody else will do it. The result will be that we all lose out on what you came to offer.

Allison Long- Your Soul Speaks

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