Come Meet Your Best Friend

Your Soul

We are not here by chance. We are here because our Souls are on a journey to return to full consciousness. A journey to return to Godhead. This does not mean that we must ascend out of existence. It can mean that we remain here but vibrate at peak consciousness.

Our journey is a learning experience and it is not always easy. But it is as it should be.

We are not here alone. This body, this mind, that we have often made the centre of our existence, are simply outward parts of us. The part of us that created the body, the mind, is our Soul. That part of us is also here and ever present. Whether we know it or not, it directs our lives. It has determined our purpose here.

We are not here to simply exist and then die. We are here to fulfill a purpose. The only part of us that knows exactly what that is is our Soul. It wants to tell you why It is here. It wants to speak with you. It wants to be your best friend.

Your Soul Speaks is a place for Healing and much more. It is also a space for Spiritual Transformation. I will clear issues that need clearing and will give you your personal method to to clear issues on your own in the future.

I teach Soul Expansion and show you how to develop your relationship with your Soul.

When you entered this experience your Soul came with tools to help you on the journey.

You simply need to discover and use them.

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