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Energetic Vibrational Assessment

A Vibrational Assessment looks at various aspects of a person to identify areas of harmony as well as areas of imbalance. This is done through dowsing.
As a Spiritual Worker who communicates with the Souls of others, I first assess a person’s Soul Vibration. This allows me to determine the extent to which the person’s consciousness is in contact with their Soul and following their Soul’s plan.
In this Assessment I will then look at the following areas to determine areas of energetic disturbances.
● Presence of Negative Possessing Entities, Attachments (including baby Souls), Parasites, Seals Curses and Elementaries in a person’s aura or that have invaded the person’s body.
● The person will also be checked to see if they are affected by any of the above in any of the spaces they regularly occupy – home, workplace or if they are affected by a negative Geomantic Zone.
● Other negative energies affecting the space. These could be as a result of arguments, trauma, abuse or non beneficial activities that took place in the space.
● Presence of Trauma from previous incidents in this or previous lives. What Life
Pillars are affected.
● Chakra Function Balance – the degree to which they are open is not what matters. Chakras do not all ways or all need to be fully open to be functioning correctly. They need to be in balance. When they are balanced, they open and close as are required for own own health and safety.
● What your date of birth says about your life purpose.


Clearing Elementaries

People often create energy being on their own. These are called Elementaries. They are created by inappropriate thought forms and patterns. Left to grow, these take on a ‘life’ of their own.
Once they grow in strength, they are like separate beings – like a business that becomes separate from you as founder when it grows large enough – but is always attached to you as its creator.
When they are of a nature that causes harm to you, your environment or persons in our environment they have to be removed.
Removing them is not any more difficult that removing spirit entities, but they are different in that you have created them. In this case, removing them is only the first step. The next step involves you changing your thought forms and habits (whatever created them in the first place) so that you do not re-create them.


Clearing Toxins

I test for and clear in the region of 3000 toxins. This unfortunately still does not cover all the toxins that exist as more are constantly being created. In any case, the less we carry at any time, the better we are able to resist new toxins. Some have created weak spots in our systems and those will build up again if we are not careful. Where such toxins exist I will let you know so that you can avoid them in future. I test for all Foods and Food Addiives, Herbs, Dental Material, Construction Materials, Metals and Heavy Metals, Vaccines, Cleaning supplies, Nosodes, Viruses, Bacteria, Intestinal Poisns, Types of Fungus, Animals, Odors and gases, Medication and many more.


Blocking & Removing Geopathic Stress & Electrosmog

Disturbances in the earth’s field can have a range of effects. At minimum it will weaken the immune system and lower the body’s ability to regenerate itself – so imagine this is where you are sleeping bearing in mind that your body enters a regeneration phase when you sleep, If you are sleeping on one of those lines, your body will spend all its energy trying to keep you in balance and will not have enough left oven to renew. At the lower end of the scale you will find yourself tired, restless, unsettled and vaguely unwell most of the time. If the energy is present you can also find that you are unable to concentrate and focus as the energy constantly moving in your space can throw your system off balance. If one is really unfortunate, serious illness may result.

Electrosmog from mobile phones and antennas, tvs, computers, all electrical equipment, have a damaging effect on our hormones and over time, our bodies become depleted.


Cleaning the Magnetic Field

Like the earth, our bodies are surrounded by a Magnetic Field. We have magnetic field around our organs, and even our cells too. These fields and how they function have a great deal to do with every aspect of our lives – from our health to our relationships.
We have all had situations where we enter a space and feel comfortable. We have had situations where we meet a person and feel uncomfortable. We can even feel the presence of people behind us who make our ‘pores raise’. We have all experienced the opposite too. The old people used to say ‘my spirit does not take to this place, this person this food’. What is really is, in fact, is that your magnetic field does not resonate with the field of that food, that house, that person. The same goes for healing methods which work for everyone but us. As long as the method itself carries a high resonance, it may simply be the case that it or the practitioner does not resonate with you.
Everything and everyone we encounter has an effect on our field and the effects will show up in our relationships and our health status. Cleaning the field of ‘build-up’ and maintaining it’s health leads to a happier, healthier life.

Removing Entities, Attachments, Curses & Parasites

We sometimes, unfortunately, pick up unwanted company on our journey through life. These can We sometimes, unfortunately, pick up unwanted company on our journey through life. These can take the form of Entities, Attachments or Parasites. They begin to walk on our path with us. Since it is not their path, we have to ‘carry’ them and the extra weight prevents us from moving freely They have varying origins and their effects can range from insignificant to debilitating. It does not matter where hey have some from or why, or how long hey have been here. Whether they are attached to you or your property, they can be permanently removed. The same goes for the effects of Curses.


Clearing the Blocks that Stop You in Your Tracks

Many of us carry blocks that leave us stuck on our path. As always I have to be granted permission by the individual’s Soul to perform this task. As long as the Soul agrees that the Conscious Mind has taken all possible efforts and requires assistance, I will be allowed to clear the block.
The Soul chooses the real or core issue. It is not necessary for me to know how it came about or who was responsible or who participated. I often simply ask for a list of things that “stop you in your tracks”. This can be anything from a nagging fear to a reaction that you seem unable to control or a past occurrence. We do not always know how one thing may be linked to another but there are always links. Your Soul knows the links and decides which of the stones in the wall (so to speak) need to be removed for the others to collapse. It chooses from the list you provide and I go to work.
Once the work is complete, I will tell you how long you will need to wait for the new information to be completely downloaded to your system. So far his has ranged from 30 minutes to 48 hours. At the set time, you may bring the situation to mind and you will find it gone.


Removing Seals

There are many types of Seals used in magic. Many people have heard of the Seals of Solomon that are said to provide wisdom, wealth and all manner of good things. What they do not know is that there were Seals of Solomon that were used to gain control of the lower elements (demons) as well. Many people nowadays provide instructions for creating your own Seals for various purposes. Whether they are self created or learned, Seals are basically a drawing that symbolises the outcome desired by the person creating them. This can be for good or bad/evil. So, for example, they are used in what is called chaos magic, where the seal may represent the name or signature of a demon or evil entity or a being that has been prescribed evil powers. Seals can also be used to block a person’s flow of energy, wisdom, health or prosperity. A person can be marked with the name of an angel as easily as with the name of a demon. Magicians and spiritualists often place them in the aura of a person so that that person carries the name of the being whose name is represented. It does not mean that the spirit then inhabits you but you carry it’s mark which can cause a person to emit undesirable behaviour and attract undesirable attention if this is not a benevolent being.

They can be made and used with any number of purposes in mind. I have even encountered Seals that have been placed in a person’s aura for protection. When, however, that protection is no longer required, the Seal can become something that inhibits the person’s abilities.

Another interesting fact is that all planets have seals that are used to represent them. When these are incorrectly used or placed, they can have the opposite effect than the one desired. The same goes for seals taken from old magic books where the materials are no longer available and unsuitable substitutes are used. The same also goes for errors that can sometimes be made in drawing them or reciting the prayers used in their creation.

That is one of the many reasons they should not be used, even when your intentions may be favourable. It is too easy to get it wrong. You can be trying to create a seal for a person to develop a thought form or an Elementary that creates positive thinking for example, and create something else entirely.


Removing Residue from Trauma

When situations occur that impact on our systems, negative energy spaces can be created in us. I have found that these are usually caused by something that has happened in our environment or ‘done to us’ so to speak, rather than things we ourselves have done.
Their effects fall into certain categories (called Life Pillars) ranging from relationships with family or intimate relationships to health to money. There are 8 main Life Pillars.
A typical example is the death of a parent early in one’s life. I have seen this situation with a family where some the children were carrying these energy impacts. The age when this occurred was different for each child, but it was the time when their father died. They all responded differently. With one of the older children the sense of home security was affected as, to this child, an important consequence was the loss of the home the father was building. The younger ones had issues relating to family relationships as they felt this to be broken with his death.


Energetic Space Clearing

Keep the vibration of your space high – trying to keep your vibration high while the vibration of your space is low is like showering and putting on dirty clothes.


Does the work need to be repeated

Negative Energy Beings, once removed, are gone for good.

Self Created Elementaries, on the other hand, can be recreated unless patterns are changed – addressing negative thought forms, showing care in respect of the places that you frequent or people that you associate with.

In the case of external attachments, I have found it rare that people acquire new ones unless they

1. Participate in activities that reduce the amount of light in their system and lower their vibration

2. Continue to surround themselves with people who are participating in such activities.

New Entities and Attachments can always be removed but where you can it is better to avoid attracting or creating them.

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