“ I’ve noticed a significant shift since having sessions with Allison. I was at a bit of a plateau but now I’m on the move again and have even more clarity on how to access the next part of my journey.  Allison is very easy to work with as she is very clear and concise with her language and gives real life examples of situations which enhance learning and soul evolution/connection, not to mention her heart-centered passion for her work!  I would highly recommend the sessions, don’t doubt, just book in!” Nina Heaton, Holistic Therapies & Consciousness Technologies, UK.
“This wasn’t the first time Allison helped me; a few months ago we were facing some hard times financially. My husband and I own a small business which worked well in the last 8 years however we had been having challenging times since last summer. I talked about this with Allison as we had a bulk payment due at the end of February which we did not have the funds to pay. She taught me some cleansing methods which I applied in the office and at our home. Meanwhile she also did remote clearing for my husband to remove negative energies and entities. We were able to generate the money, from the business itself, a week prior to the due date of our payment. Also both me and my husband are more hopeful and positive about the future of our business since she did the clearings. We are receiving more client requests and are more inspired to try new ideas to grow our business”. N.A Vancouver, Canada
Several years ago I was in dispute with my sister, almost coming down to me intending to call the police. Allison was able to teach me how to clear the situation energetically – and just in time. Not only was all settled, I was exposed to a whole new world of energy work. The work she did with me also led to a relationship with my sister – something I never thought possible. Over the years Allison’s help has been priceless. She has helped me out of several seemingly hopeless situations, advised me very well, and tutored me in many new energy methods – helping me make leaps along my spiritual path and helping me truly be a happier person. She is so knowledgeable and wise, it is an honour spending time with her.
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Allison hat durch Ihre Arbeit definitiv das Gefühl aufgelöst, meinem Mann immer unterlegen zu sein. Mein Selbstwertgefühl ist hergestellt. Ich bin im Leben freier und selbstbewusster geworden. Durch das neue Selbstwertgefühl bin ich in der Lage, mich zu wehren und meine Rechte zu vertreten, was früher nicht der Fall war. Ich bin jetzt selbstbestimmt, empfinde Frieden und Freude. Nikola H. Germany
Allison hat ein extremes Trauma mit Bezug auf meine Mutter aufgelöst. Der Umfang der Befreiung ist mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben. Es ist wie ein neues Leben. Ich habe einen sehr tiefen Frieden empfunden und die Stimmen der Kritik, die mich täglich begleitet hatte, verstummte. Außerdem fühle ich mich sehr viel sicherer und fürchte auch die direkte Begegnung mit meiner Mutter nicht mehr. Brigitte S. Freiburg, Germany
Allison asked me choose a few things that stopped me dead in my tracks. For me, it was obvious, the mirror stops me dead in my tracks, I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, which is very difficult when you live and work in central London where every lift is mirrored inside from floor to ceiling, every building has mirrored glass shop fronts, the men’s rooms have huge mirrors, foyers, reception halls, lobbies, all the shops. I quickly learned how to look at my feet and navigate without looking at my reflection. So after our session Allison told me that in exactly 45 minutes I should go look in the mirror. My heart sunk. Are you serious? This is not fun or fair, and I kept looking at the clock dreading each passing minute as the deadline approached. I was really surprised when I could actually look into the mirror and look at my own eyes, I scanned down and looked at my body, turned around and saw the back view. Later in the evening after the session I was doing something near the mirror in the bedroom and instead of looking away it was more of a ‘oh it’s you, what do you want’ kind of reaction which may seem odd to most people, but it’s reverting back a healthier state for me. Before her work, I had completely avoided the mirror. The following days were progressively better as I started to really look at my reflection and instead of being filled with dread or disgust, I started to like the man I saw in the mirror. Now this morning I’ve been ‘primping’ for the first time in many years, flexing muscles, making faces at myself, turning around at different angles, admiring myself. Thank you Allison, it’s really a very welcome and huge shift. T. R London, UK
Allison cleared my family home energetically. We were trying to sell and the offers were too low to allow us to set my parents up at the retirement home. The location and the terrible fall in the property market was making it seem impossible. Allison asked the house what it wanted to be sold for and what had to be done to get that price. The price she was given was rather more that what was being offered. She did what the house wanted and we got the price she was told. It was amazing. Among other things, she helped all of us living there to “call back” our energies so the house was free and open for new owners. She put up protection on the house and yard (and I got to help) until the time came for it being handed over to the new owners. I had a female (deceased) relative in my space/attached to me. Allison was able to remove her energy from me, sending her into a place of light. Practically immediately, my constant overreaction of anger and immediate aggression disappeared! My husband had several entities that were impeding him from being happy; he was often grumpy and was very derogatory. Allison cleared them all away. Overnight, the changes (very positive) were noticeable. He was a different person – finally himself! Amazing! Thank you, Allison! B. H. Germany
I got in touch with Allison because I was having a problem with a young man who I had to deal with regularly. For some reason, even though he is half my age and had done me no physical harm, I felt scared and uncomfortable around him. I felt sure he would harm me. Something had to be done as this was affecting me and others.  Allison found that the Trauma I was experiencing was linked to an incident when I was 19. This was many years back but she described the elements of the incident and I was able to then remember it in great detail. Once I did, I felt the same reactions as I felt to the young man (in the present day). She cleared the Trauma from the incident of 30 years ago. First of all, I was able to remember the previous incident but there was no drama attached to it. It was like a black and white movie. What was even better was that when I met the young man a few days later, the fear and distress I previously felt was gone. I no longer have a problem dealing with him. C.T.  England
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