We all have a purpose to fulfil in life. This purpose is in essence to heal. We do this by fulfilling our own role to the best of our ability. By this, I do not mean the ability of your mind and body, rather that of your Soul. We achieve our purpose by filling in the piece of the puzzle assigned to us. We could be healers, teachers, carpenters, managers. The specific ‘job’ is not important as long as we are doing it as our Souls would want us to.

Are You on the Path to Your Purpose?

Many can be thrown off course by things that ‘happen’ in life. These occurrences prevent us from hearing the Voice of our Souls. Sometimes the things that stand in our way can be obvious, sometimes they are hidden. The end result is the same.
We are unable to hear that Voice and receive guidance because that Light that lives within is shrouded. There are many things that can lead to this and some of these are the things I clear out of your ‘packed attic’ so that the Light of Your Soul can reach into and through the whole space. I clear out what you cannot clear and teach you how to clear what you can. In addition, I teach you how to keep the space inside of yourself free in future. You receive your own clearing method to do this.

We all have a role to play and the potential to do this

We all have the right and the ability to be in constant contact with our Souls, being led to where They want us to be

We all have the ability to be fully and permanently protected by this Being within

We all have the right to have a Soul Directed Life Experience

Get in touch to arrange your FREE Status Check


The Status Check is like a mini Vibrational assessment. In it I will test your Soul Vibration/Connection; presence of Entities, Attachments and the like, the main Toxins and Traumas you are dealing with. We can then look at how we can move forward together and how I may be best able to assist you.

Where I Can Help

Energetic Vibrational Assessment

Removing Entities, Attachments, Curses & Parasites


Clearing the Blocks that Stop You in Your Tracks

Clearing Elementaries

Removing Residue from Trauma

Removing & Blocking Geopathic Stress & Electrosmog

Cleaning the Magnetic Field

Energetic Space Clearing

Clearing & Blocking Negative Geomantic Fields

General Testing Sessions

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