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Are Some Of These Terms New To You? Let's look at what they mean All Sessions Are Carried Out Remotely Energetic Vibrational AssessmentA Vibrational Assessment looks at various aspects of a…

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Come Meet Your Best Friend Your Soul Let Me help You on Your Journey We are not here by chance. We are here because our Souls are on a journey…

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Contact Allison  If you have a question, want to know more or want to request a FREE Status Check, please send me an Email or a message via Skype yoursoulspeaks@gmx.de…

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“ I’ve noticed a significant shift since having sessions with Allison. I was at a bit of a plateau but now I’m on the move again and have even more…

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Dear Diary, My Soul Speaks … A Return to Consciousness … A Return to Godhead Once I was asked to write the book, these and other messages were given. It…

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We all have a purpose to fulfil in life. This purpose is in essence to heal. We do this by fulfilling our own role to the best of our ability.…

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