Have You Read Your Job Description?

  I have read and studied mine. It goes like this ‘I am not here to save the world. Nor am I here to awaken humanity. My job description states that I am here to remind those who are, that this is their purpose and to do my part to clear the things standing in […]

On Portals

I started being aware of myself, as more than mere eyes can see, since early childhood. Back then, the word ‘portal’ in the sense it is used today in new age circles, was not known. However, not only was the word unknown, so, in fact, was the approach to them that prevails today. The concept […]

The Soul and the Conscious Mind

Is there a relationship of relevance between the Soul and the Conscious Mind? And if so , what is it? In my belief and in my experience there is. And it is of great importance. When our Souls create the being we are, the Conscious Mind is part of what It creates. Like every other […]